Best Night Lights For Toddlers your child to sleep alone is quite challenging for every parent. The proper nigh light, however, could give you some help in the coercive process.

1. Moredig Star Night Light – Best Technology

Moredig innovates the concept of a starry night with its awesome projector of constellations and the moon. A universe-like ceiling is the ultimate tool for inducing your child a dreamy mood, as the cosmos slowly rotates. The night light features three working modes, one without spinning of the ceiling, another with color fluctuation from blue to purple, and last with rotation switch. For powering up the device, you can choose to either use four AAA batteries or the USB cable. All in all, whether your child is an astronomy lover or adores the natural beauty of the sky, the starry ceiling night light will surely help him with the sleep.

2. Hatch Baby Night Light – Best Parent Tool

When your baby sleeps in a separate room, monitoring his rest is mandatory. Hatch accommodates in its night light useful technologies for children and parents alike. The device integrates three outstanding functionalities. First, it keeps a dim light in the bedroom, so that your child is not disturbed by deep darkness. Then, the night light acts out as a sound machine that adds dreaminess to the environment your child sleeps in. Last but not least, the time-to-rise function is best for scheduling your family’s waking-up time. As an icing on the cake, the device can be easily controlled with a phone, either iOS or Android.

3. Lumipets Nursery Light – Cutest Design

While we could simply end the conversation at the cuteness of the little bear, the technology of this night light is just as outstanding. Whether you have a baby whose sleep you want to calm or a toddler who’s afraid of the dark, the soothing light will accompany the dreams of your little one. The device features a remote control that allows changing the colors of the light so that your child can choose his favorite one. Since the night light is cordless, the little bear looks even more realistic and lovable. To recharge the device, you’ll need a micro USB cord, which means no more forgetting to buy batteries since you won’t ever need them.

4. 3D Dinosaur Night Light – Most Futuristic

Is your child a Jurassic Park fan? Then, a hologram-like 3D dinosaur lighting up his room should be enough an incentive for him to sleep alone. With three species of dinosaurs, one of whom the ferocious T-Rex, the night light is the perfect tool to keep your child in bed. The device features 16 LED colors that soothingly change in cycles and a remote control to take action over the light. To power the night light, you can do it either via a wall charger, a USB cord, or three AA batteries.

5. Unicorn Night Light – Best Portable

This is a USB-driven 7-color LED night light to soothe the sleep of your little one. The device is safe enough for your children to play with it during the daytime and sleep with it at night. Also, the small dimensions and easy charging make this night light easily portable to any destination you and your kids may head to.

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