Proper gun maintenance

If you decide to own a firearm you should be prepared for all maintenance duties that come with it. A gun should be regularly cleaned and lubricated to ensured that it works as it should. Not doing that puts you at risk of accidental discharge and gun malfunctions. If you care about your own safety and the safety of people around you, you will find time to maintain your gun properly. This short guide will show you how to do it step-by-step.

Prepare your workspace

First, you should make sure you have a well-lit space to work on cleaning your gun. Gun cleaning involves using harmful chemicals so this space should also be well-ventilated. The best place to choose is the outdoors but if you don’t have a proper work table in your yard then a desk by an open window will do. The surface you work with should be clean and free of any clutter. You shouldn’t use space that is used for eating because chemicals you are going to use can contaminate food.

Prepare your tools

The tools you will need to clean your gun include a cleaning brush, a bore brush, a cleaning rod, cotton swabs, and a soft cloth. You will also need a gun cleaning solvent. All of these items and more can be found in gun cleaning kits so you don’t need to purchase them individually. For lubrication, you’ll need gun oil. Here you can find out what is the best gun oil for gun maintenance.

Disassemble your gun

Unload the gun and check if the barrel is empty before you get to work to prevent any accidents. Disassemble the gun as much as it allows you – if you aren’t sure, consult the owner’s manual. If you don’t have one, you should be able to find guides on the Internet that will tell you how to handle your particular firearm.

Clean your gun

Now that you have access to all the internal parts of your gun that need cleaning, you can get to work. First, clean out the bore of your gun using a cleaning rod, a bore brush, and cotton patches. They will catch all the loose gunk that might be lodged inside the barrel. The cotton patches should be soaked in the cleaning solvent and then run through the bore a few times. Repeat the process until the patches are completely clean when taken out. Use wipes and the gun solvent to clean other parts of the barrel as well. Put the gun upside down to allow any leftover fluids and debris to flow out of the barrel.

Lubricate your gun

Lubrication is key for having your gun work smoothly and without hitch. Apply the oil to the cotton mop first – check what is the right amount by reading the gun oil’s label. Then, run the oil-soaked mop through the bore to lubricate it. Also, remember to lubricate all action components as well.

Polish your gun

Finally, wipe your gun exterior with a soft cloth. Gun cloths contain additional lubricants but if you don’t have one, any soft material will do (flannel is especially good).

Do these steps regularly to keep your gun in top shape.

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