The survival guide for living in the countryside

People’s lives take unexpected turns all the time, and while the common denominator today is living in big cities or at least reasonably developed communities, some other folks still live a more traditional lifestyle in the country, keeping up with age-old customs and work ethic that you simply have to experience to understand. Most modern people who have never set foot on a farm or a cabin in the mountains find themselves quite shocked with the radical change that supposes ridding oneself of all the commodities and technology that we take for granted. If for some reason you need to spend some prolonged time in the countryside, here we break down some useful advice to keep in mind before going through with it.

Consider the essentials

You need to think of the most absolute fundamentals like running water, electricity, and clean clothes, and then seriously consider if you’re willing to give up the comfort and readiness of those things. If you make up your mind and choose to go ahead, then great, because the countryside isn’t the absolute wilderness and you do have the chance to take a shower, wash your clothes, or charge your phone. Things are just done in a different, more rudimentary way that probably involves doing things you’d only heard your parents or grandparents talk about.

Be prepared for anything

In that sense, you need to be prepared for anything if you’re going to be spending some time away from cities and towns as you know them. Be ready to wake up at ungodly early hours to make the most out of the day, be on your feet a lot, walking everywhere, and cooking with the most basic ingredients you can think of. Taking that into account, make yourself a favor and pack a pair of work boots to avoid any incidents, or hunting boots if where you’re going is a legal hunting area. Other pieces of equipment like axes, gas cans, and tools in general are probably already at the place you’ll stay at if people live there.

Learn to appreciate the simple things

Despite how hard it might seem at first, spending some time in the countryside and even living there for extended periods of time can truly be a humbling experience. Learning the old ways of doing stuff and the craftsmanship involved in some of the most basic processes of daily life gives you a new perspective on things. Enjoying a freshly laid egg, a meal cooked with just wood fire, and heating water to avoid having a cold shower are experiences you will surely never forget. Just go at it with an open mind, and never forget that at one point in time, most people lived that way.

So there you have it, with these three keys in mind, no countryside experience will be too drastic and no culture shock too impactful. Hopefully, if anything regardless of the circumstances that lead you to leave the city for a while, you can embrace the slower pace of things and welcome the rural lifestyle with open arms.

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